Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back From Trip and Back to Work

We returned last night after a 5-day trip to Puerto Rico.  That place sure can inspire an aspiring artist. The movies don't exaggerate; the water is amazing.  Its clarity was such a refreshing change from the brackish New Jersey surf. 
  San Juan has pelicans like we have seagulls.  I think I actually prefer the seagulls.  I find them cuter and less intimidating.
   After getting the house straightened up, I plan to work on "Fall Leaves 2."  I'm having some difficulty rallying my confidence with this one.  It's the same dimensions as "Red Rose 1," but vertical.  I'm satisfied with the background (which is unusual for me), but my courage is faltering with the actual subject matter.  I think it'll be ok once I really start playing around in the paint.  ;)

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