Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Buying an "Original" Worth it?

Is buying an original work of art really worth it?  I would say it is, certainly.  Like paying to hear a great concert piece played live has a certain appeal over listening to the recording, so does paying for original artwork. You can't resell your concert experience for profit like you can with art, though.  Just a little detail there.

I've seen some fascinating pictures of art online and as prints or posters.  On the occasions when I've seen the original work in person, it could be dazzling. There are some effects that can only be seen if one is looking at the original work.  This is not to say that reproductions are lame-- after all, music recordings are bought with enthusiasm.  The original piece has it all, though, and it hangs on your walls much longer than a concert rings in your ears.

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